Quality & Certification






  • Exhibition and certification

    KOSO began participating in exhibitions in 2001 in Italy, and since then has gradually stepped onto the international stage. We bring the dedication and profession of KOSO to the international stage, and we also try our best to convey an image of high quality and innovation. We received TS 16949 international certification in 2007, and we aim to create more touching products in the future.Actual installation and testing are required for each of the products before we put them onto the market, and this is also part of our strict quality inspection methods. No matter how good the design of a product is, it will be a test of its quality once it is actually installed and used. To improve quality and the actual test results of our products, we attend international races. Each award in a race is an affirmation of our products’ quality because there is no room for mistakes during modification and installation, and that shows how strict we are on quality. Test reports and measurement charts of products are also indicative of the results of customer installation. Because we are so cautious, our products have better quality than others and are improving all the time.



  • Equipment and checkpoints

    All of our products use the latest technology to set up different simulation and testing conditions; these include vibration tests, waterproof testing, etc. All commissioning cooperating companies that join the inspection process agree to strict quality control monitoring by us and trust our test results. What is valuable is that products undergo tests by going through checkpoints. In addition, the different conditions added by us later on according to the actual environment allow us to make other adjustments. User-friendly operation is the best way to highlight the most significant product tests and the improved quality after modification.