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The origin of KOSO - KOSO Co. created its own brand
The reason KOSO came to the world was that an independent brand for research and development was deemed essential for marketing in the future, so we registered KOSO as our trademark in 1989. KOSO comes from two Japanese words -“idea” and “high speed”; “idea” here means creativity, and “high speed” means high performance - combining these two words means that we hope our company can use creativity to create high-performance products!  


The spirit of KOSO
KOSO wishes to establish quality, techniques, and service on the basis of integrity and trust – these represent the spirit of KOSO.
We persist in keeping this attitude of not only producing high-
quality products, but also pursuing the innovation of products
and improvement of quality. Moreover, we look forward to
bringing outstanding products to everyone.




The future of KOSO
To pursue perfect design and quality in our products is our 
goal, so KOSO continually enhances our technology to spur ourselves forward because we strongly believe that brand image and product quality are equal to each other. Therefore, our company requires a very strict development and production process, and quality control of products. When we step onto the world stage, we expect to reach the target of high quality at the same time.

KOSO will continue to develop more humane and innovative products in the future, and we promise to become the next number one in the world from Taiwan, another glory of Taiwan, and the pride of the Taiwanese.

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