The new DB-02R is designed for the street bike with battery.
With the elegant white back light, the meter display will become very clear in the night time.
Same as the DB-02, the meter comes with the changeable graphic tachometer which could fit almost all kinds of engines on the market.
Except the function DB-02 has, the DB-02R comes with the power test function for you to test the performance of your bike.
The new added engine hour meter is designed for you to maintain the engine especially for the dirt bike or ATV.

Item number


Display range

0~20,000 RPM

Back light color


Meter size (W X L X H)

100 X 60 X 20 mm

Option accessory

Function, setting instruction
Speedometer Display range:0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH)
  Display unit:km/h & MPH for alternative
Display internal <0.5 second
Odometer Display range: 0~99999 km (mile), reset automatically after 0~99999 km (mile)
  Display unit: 0.1 km (mile)
Trip meter A.B Display range: 0~999.9 km (mile), reset automatically after 0~999.9 km (mile)
  Display unit: 0.1 km (mile)
peeding warning light Setting range:30~360 km/h (19~225 MPH)
  Display unit:1 km/h (MPH)
Top speed record Display range:0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH)
Tire circumference Setting range:300~2,500 mm
  Display unit:1 mm‧Sensor point: 20
Digital tachometer Display range:2,000 RPM
  Display unit:10 RPM
Bar graph tachometer Display range:10,000 RPM 60 segment bar graph
  Display unit:166 RPM for each segment
  Display range:15,000 RPM 60 segment bar graph
  Display unit:250 RPM for each segment
  Display range:20,000 RPM 60 segment bar graph
  Display unit:333 RPM for each segment
RPM shift light Display range:5,000~20,000
  Display unit:100 RPM
Pre-shift light A/B Display range:-500~-50,000 before the shift light
  Display unit:100 RPM
Max. RPM record Display range:0~20,000 RPM
RPM input pulse Display range:0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6
Total engine hour meter Display range: 0-999.9 H
  Display unit: 0.1 H(6 Minutes)
Thermometer  Display unit:℃ & ℉ for alternative
Thermometer A、B Display range:0~250℃ (32~482℉)
  Display unit:0.1℃ (℉)
Display internal <0.5 second
emperature alarm A、B Display range: 60~250℃ (140~482℉)
  Display unit:1℃ (℉)
TOP temperature record Setting range:0~250℃ (32~482℉)
Fuel meter Display range: 0~100%
  Setting range: 100Ω.510Ω no display
Insufficient fuel warning Setting range:10~50 %
  Setting unit:10 %
Volt meter Display range:DC 0~18.0 V
  Display unit:DC 0.1 V
Target speed timer Setting range: 30~360 km/h (20~225 MPH)
  Setting unit: 5 km/h (MPH)
Target distance timer Setting range:  1/32~30/32 mile (50~1,500 M)
  Setting unit: 1/32 mile (50 M)
Top speed timer The record including
  1. Speed: 0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH)
  2. Distance: 0~999 M (0~3,280 feet)
  3. RPM: 0~20,000 
  4. Timer: 0~9'59"99 second.
Back light DC 12V
Effective temperature range -10~+60
Meter standard JIS D 0203 S2
Meter size 100 X 60 X 20 mm
Meter weight Around  200 g
Telltales Speeding (RED).RPM shift light A (Yellow).RPM Shift light (RED).Temperature alarm A/B (RED).RPM shift light B (Orange)

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Add Item number NameBack light colorDisplay Range
BA022W10 DB-02RWHITE0~20000RPM
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