The new multifunction speedometer designed for the ATV.
The tachometer provides you the information about your
engine situation all the time.
The 8 indicator light design could fit most of the ATV
without any problem.
A new and nice shape to make your ATV looks more
If you have a original fuel gauge, we could display the
fuel on the meter.
If not, you could choose the clock and temperature for
your personal demands. Just try to think about different
way and make things fun.

Item number


Display range

0~18,000 RPM

Back light color


Panel color


Meter size (W X L X H)

116.3 X 72.4 X 32.3 mm

Option accessory

Function, setting instruction
Speedometer Display range: 0~360 km/h (0~223 MPH)
  Display unit: km/h & MPH for alternative
Display internal <0.5 second
Odometer 0~99999.9 km, reset automatically after 99999.9 km (mile)
TTrip meter A.B 0~999.9 km, reset automatically after 999.9 km (mile)
Top speed record Display range: 0~360 km/h (0~223 MPH)
Tire circumference Setting range: 300~2,500 mm
  Setting unit: 1 mm‧Sensor point: 1~6
Tachometer Display range: 0~18,000 RPM
  Display unit: 100 RPM
Display internal <0.5 second
MAX RPM record Display range: 0~18,000 RPM
Stroke / piston setting Display range:0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Temperature Display unit:  ℃ & ℉ for alternative
Digital water temperature Display unit: 0.1℃ (0.1℉)
Temperature level gauge Display range: 20~120℃ (68~248℉), 10 level
  Display unit: 1 level=10℃ (50℉)
Display internal <0.5 second
Top temperature record Display range: 0~120℃ (32~248℉)
Fuel indicator Display range: 10 levels
  Display unit: Each level represents 10 %
  Setting range: 100Ω .510Ω 
Clock 24 H
Top speed timer The record including
  Speed:0~360 km/h (0~223 MPH)
  Distance:0~999 m (0~3280 feet)
  Timer:0~9'59"99 second
Effective voltage DC 12V
Effective temperature range -10~+60oC
Meter standard JIS D 0203 D3
Meter size 116.3 X 72.4 X 32.3 mm
Meter weight Around 286 g
Telltales Neutral (Green).High beam (Blue).Low beam (Green).Winker (Green)
Hazard (Red).Oil pressure (Red).Water temperature light (Red)

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