The new speedometer is designed for big engine ATV,
with 88 X 46 mm LCD on it.
The nice shape could fit on the sport & utility ATV well.
To match the demand of the new generation ATV, the
meter comes with 10 telltales and could be adjusted to
fit different demands.
The meter is ready and could be modified according to
the customer's requirement and demands.

Item number


Display range

0~199 km/h (0~123 MHP)

Back light color



Function, setting instruction
Speedometer Display range: 0~199 km/h (0~123 MPH)
  Display unit: km/h & MPH for alternative
Display internal <0.5 second
Odometer Display range: 0~99999 km (mile), reset automatically after 99999 km (mile)
  Display unit: 0.1 km (mile)
Trip meter A/B Display range: 0~999.9 km (mile), reset automatically after 999.9 km (mile)
  Display unit: 0.1 km (mile)
Engine hour meter Display range: 0~99999 H
  Display unit: 1 H
  Record unit: 1 S
Fuel meter Display range: 5 segment bar graph
  Display unit: 20 % for each segment
Clock 24 H
Supply voltage
DC 12 V
Effective temperature range -10~+60℃
Meter standard JIS D 0203 S2
Meter size (W X L X H)
Meter weight  
Telltales Repeater (Green). High beam (Blue). Temperature alarm (Red). Oil (Red). Park (Red). Reverse (Red). Neutral (Green)
  Drive (Green). Low (Yellow)

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Add Item number NameBack light colorDisplay Range
BB024B00 BB-SABLUE0~199 km/h (0~123 MPH)
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