Many people ask us why KOSO doesn't make the gear
indicator and now we are ready to introduce the new
gear indicator.
The gear indicator works by checking the signal from
speed and RPM, so it is quite easy to install and use.
On the gear indicator, we already designed a shift light,
so it could tell you the best time for changing the gear.
Gear meter signal adapter
The gear meter signal adapter is designed to make
the gear meter fit on the bike you can't get the digital
signal. With the adapter, you could share the speed
signal with other Koso meter and then get the analog
RPM signal and transfer it into digital signal to make
the gear meter work. If you don't have the Koso
speedometer, you could just purchase the speed
sensor and then get the digital speed signal from it,

Item number


Display range


Meter size (W X L X H)

30 X 50 X 24 mm
Function, setting instruction
Gear meter Display range : N,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Effective voltage DC12V
Operation temperature -10~+60℃
Meter standard JIS D 5601
Meter size (W X L X H) 30 X 50 X 24 mm
Meter weight Around 53g

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