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0~15,000 RPM

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Meter size (W X L X H)

151.8 X 81.5 X 52.5 mm

Function, setting instruction
Speedometer Display range: 0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH)
  Display unit: km/h & MPH for alternative
Odometer Display range: 0~99999.9 km (mile), reset automatically after 99999.9 km (mile)
  Display unit: 1 km (mile)
Trip meter A/B Display range: 0~999.9 km (mile), reset automatically after 999.9 km (mile)
  Display unit: 0.1 km (mile) 
Speeding warning light Setting range: 30~360 km/h (19~225 MPH) 
  Setting unit: 1 km/h (MPH)
Top speed record Display range: 0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH) 
Tire circumference Setting range: 300~2,500 mm
  Setting unit: 1 mm . Sensor point: 20
Tachometer Display range: 15,000 RPM
  Display unit: 100 RPM
The RPM Red, Yellow shift light Setting range: 1,000~15,000 RPM
  Setting unit: 100 RPM
Warning Light on (F-OFF)
  Flash (F-ON)
MAX RPM record Display range: 0~15,000 RPM
The RPM input signal number setting Setting range: 0.5, 1~24
The RPM input pulse Setting range: HI (The positive wave pulse)
                        Lo (The negative wave pulse)
Thermometer Display unit: ºC & ºF for alternative
Digital thermometer (Water & oil temperature) Display unit: 0.1°C (°F)
Level thermometer (Water & oil temperature) Display range: 20~110°C (68~230°F), 10 levels
  Display unit: Each level represents 10°C (50°F)
Over heat warning (Water & oil temperature) Setting range: 60~120°C (140~248°F)  
  Setting unit: 1°C (°F)
Top temperature record Display range: 0~120°C (32~248°F)
Fuel meter Display range: 10 levels
  Display unit: Each level represents 10 %
  Setting range: 100Ω, 250Ω, 510Ω, 1200Ω, SW
Insufficient fuel warning Setting range: 10~50 %
  Setting unit:  10 %
Clock 24H
Digital Volt meter Display range: DC 8~18 V. Flashing warning when Voltage lower than 11.5 V or higher than 15.5 v.
Target speed timer Setting range: 30~360 km/h (20~220 MPH)
  Setting unit: 5 km/h (MPH)
Target distance timer Setting range: 50~1,500 M (1/32~30/32 mile)
  Setting unit: 50 M (1/32 mile)
Top speed timer The record including,
1.Speed: 0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH)
2.Distance: 0~999 M (0~3280 feet)
3.RPM: 0~15,000 RPM
4.Timer: 0~9:59.99 second.
Effective voltage DC 12V
Effective temperature range -10~+60°C
Meter standard JIS D 0203 S2
Meter size (W X L X H)  151.8 X 81.5 X 52.5 mm
Meter weight Around 212 g
Telltales Repeater (Green), High beam (Blue), Oil (Red), RPM shift light (Yellow / Red), Neutral (Green), EOBD (Amber), EOBD (Amber), Speeding (Red)

NOTE:Design and specification may change without further notice.

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