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Zhen Ya Co. blew up

In 1981, hyper-fast economic growth in Taiwan had just begun, and the motorcycle market in Taiwan was expanding with the growth of the economy.
KOSO was established on March 1st, 1981, and we raised funds of NT$2 million dollars as “Zhen Ya Co.” to engage in the wholesale trading of motorcycle parts and the selling of motorcycle handle switches. We did marketing in every city and town in Taiwan to open up the domestic market, which created a good foundation for future development. After three years of very hard work the motorcycle market began to grow and so did competition, which became very intense. Price competition became the only way to get business, but the resulting decreasing prices created a no-profit situation. In addition, three major domestic car manufacturers set up their own motorcycle parts repair chain, and the result was that too many similar kinds of products, and the price was also affected.
In order to avoid the vicious market competition that would cause our product prices to decline and end any hope of reasonable profit, general manager “Wu Shih Hsiung” thought very hard on how to escape this unhealthy situation. He came up with an idea, which was to develop products through innovation; this could eliminate the price competition and open up the market. “As long as the product is the only unique one on the market, we can retain our competitive advantage and maintain a reasonable profit.” 

Rui Ya Co. stepped onto the path of development

At that time, there were very few companies able to design and mold their own parts on the market. Because of the insufficient techniques in Taiwan, no one would dare to take the risk and innovate. However, general manager Wu decided to escape from the shackles of the market mechanism, so the name of company was officially changed to “Rui Ya Co.” in 1985 and the company expanded to formally enter the field of developing motorcycle parts by itself. Using our own ideas and creativity, coupled with the market information provided by customers, “Rui Ya Co.” recruited people with motorcycle parts R&D and producing technology talent to help develop and innovate unique motorcycle parts under the leading business principles of general manager Wu.
At that time, the main products of Rui Ya Co. were electronic lights, transparent turn signal shells, diversion skirts, spoilers and other parts. We cooperated with sales points everywhere, and we deeply understood products and consumer demand. What helped more was the takeoff of the Taiwanese economy. All of the aforementioned helped improve the business condition of Rui Ya Co.
Therefore, not only was KOSO converted to a manufacturer and distributor from a trader, but this also created a solid foundation for KOSO to run the business.

The path of globalization for KOSO ─ the birth of the KOSO electronic stopwatch
However, the road of marketing KOSO was not so smooth.Although the domestic market ensured rapid growth for KOSO, when the market began to shrink in 1996, it also made KOSO face its biggest crisis since the founding of the company; the business plummeted to one quarter of its original volume. Accordingly,Wu started to rethink the company’s strategy and found out the reasons were that the technology wasn’t improving and that competitors were also starting to work on developing competing products. During the cycle of products being imitated and competitors continuously releasing new products, Wu found out that the brand position built by the company had been blurred.A sense of crisis hit Wu; he sat in front of motorcycles observing and thinking hard to try to find new products with the possibility of future development. While the design and parts of motorcycles were evolving, stopwatches in Taiwan were still stuck on mechanical movements from 30 years ago and had never been changed. In other words, stopwatches were the chance for KOSO to make a comeback! To create potential for the future!Therefore, Wu resolutely decided to invest in the development of electronic motorcycle stopwatches, and also officially entered KOSO into the field of electronic motorcycle parts development. At the time he decided to develop the electronic stopwatch, he was also determined to make KOSO step onto the world stage!

While the company was going through the crisis, Wu resolutely put nearly 50% of funds into the development of electronic stopwatches and began to participate in foreign exhibitions. The auto show in Milan, Italy, 2001 was the first step taken to step out of Taiwan. Because of the booth organization, sense of technology and innovative product packaging design, foreign customers all thought that KOSO was a Japanese brand. Therefore, KOSO made a successful first step out of Taiwan.
This critical first step ensured that foreign customers would cooperate with KOSO to develop products to meet the demands of local markets and gradually helped KOSO become known on the international market.At the same time as KOSO was internationalizing, many domestic and foreign car manufacturers began to recognize KOSO and chose KOSO to be their partner because of its outstanding product design and function.
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